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Marble Layers


Additional plugin-like features, called Layers, are optional and not required to be a valid Marble contract, but do add exceptional capabilities on top of the Marble Core Interface.
Some Layers have dependencies on Marble Core or other Marble Layers.


Named content trackers that can hold any string based content, and also a method to store the content checksum and the algorithm used to produce it.


Named key/value pairs that can be assigned to individual Marble Items to represent any kind of numerical value.


A pre-built set of properties that can be applied to an item all at once. Offers a Quick Build feature that allows rapid item creation.


The Events layer provides a set of features for logging, saving, and editing timestamps.


The Bonds layer allows for items to be backed with fungible currencies that transfer with ownership. Bonds can be released after a configurable release event time, or upon item destruction.


The Triggers layer adds functionality for storing transactions that execute when certain conditions are met.


The Vouchers layer includes features for creating redeemable vouchers of varying types and values.


The Boxes layer adds functionality for batching items for various purposes. Items placed in boxes are unable to be transferred until removed from the box by the box owner.

Last modified 3yr ago