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Marble is a lightweight, highly customizable digital item standard for just about anything.


Simple Contract Interface 🕹

The Marble Digital Item Standard is meant to be straightforward and easy to understand - no complex designs to slow you down. Simply create a new item and begin "glueing" data to it.

Verifiable Content Tags 🏷

Marble items can be tagged with raw content or links pointing to off-chain content. Optional fields are available for setting content checksums and algorithms, adding to the easy audit-ability of stored tag content.

Simple Attribute System 💎

Every Marble Item can optionally be assigned one or more named attributes, each with an associated point value. This generic pattern allows developers the freedom to design and interpret attributes specific to their application use case.

Programmable Behaviors 🎛

Marble items are assigned to a group that controls item behavior such as mint-ability, transferability and destructibility. New behaviors can also be added that define how items are allowed to act.

Secured Token Bonds 💰

Marble items can be backed by fungible tokens that transfer with item ownership. Bonds can also have a configured maturity date that will release the backed tokens to the current item owner.

Prebuilt Frames 📦

Marble offers the ability to create Item Frames that can easily be applied to a blank Item with a single action. This allows developers to add large sets of tags, attributes, and other features to an item all at once instead of individually.

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Marble CLI

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